dictation ability words per min

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Software upgrades and maintenance - 15% per . to provide advanced dictation and transcription abilities . 8 kHz (16 Bit) 98 KB/Min 11 kHz (16 Bit) 135KB .
Accuracy, word per minute dictation time and turnaround time . with voice recognition included the ability to . 91.1) 37.3 (14.44-60.1) Transcription dictation rate words/min* .
Best Answer: Yes, that is exactly what it means. It is the same thing as how many words per minute you

dictation ability words per min

type, except for speaking.
. Words composed in 60 minutes: 1,200
. news and sports reporters need a minimum of 100 words per . for 30 seconds or one minute, depending on your ability . by the subject and difficulty level of the oral dictation.
. speech understanding technology to capture dictation and . but most typists can only average about 65
Ability to type a minimum of 50 words per min ute. May require ability to transcribe dictation. Ability to establish and maintain effective work
You read between 50 - 100 words per minute. Basic reading ability. (The average rate is between 200 - 250 words per minute.) It is assumed that you did not skim the words .
The fastest typing speed ever, 216 words per minute, was achieved by Stella Pajunas . The Numeric Entry or 10 key speed is dictation ability words per min a measure of one's ability to manipulate the .
WPM is an abbreviation of Words-Per-Minute. Confusingly this does not literally mean whole words, as one might find in a dictionary, but rather word-units.
Best Answer: wpm means words per minute. Dictation is when someone is telling you what to type and

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