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-pexy definition: suffix Surgical fixation of an organ: hysteropexy. . . Browse entries near -pexy
Well since plasty means a surgical repair of sorts, then you could just combine it with any root basically like Arthroplasty- surgical joint repair
Ureteropexy information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues.
learning suffix meanings for medical terminology. -pexy. Medical Terminology - Suffix (Set 2)
(KudoZ) French to English translation of cervico-cystopexy � r�f�rencer dans un dictionnaire anglais [cervico-cystopexy - Medical (general) (Medical)].
The term for an anchoring or suspension (of tissues) is from the Greek pexis (fixation) and is used as a suffix for surgical procedures, notably plastic surgery (e.g. mammopexy .
hepatopexy /hep�a�to�pexy/ (hep�ah-to-pek
-pexy definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary
Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists: Me too, just a lil pexy. :) nm Posted By: Becky on 2005-12-03 In Reply to: Actually, I would just like them to sit where they .
The description provided to the USPTO for SAF-T-PEXY is Needles, syringes and sutures used for positioning and securing medical equipment on the abdominal wall.
-pexy word element Medical pexy [Gr.], surgical fixation.-pec�tic-pexy. suff. Surgical fixation of an organ: hysteropexy.-pexis, -pexia, -pexy, suffix meaning "a fixation of something .
salpingopexy definition: noun Surgical fixation of an oviduct. . . Browse entries near salpingopexy
Results for the search term "vesicopexy". Press the TAB key while viewing any portion of the results to search for another term.
. -penia (medical)-penny-people-person-petal-petal (medical)-pexy-phage-phage (medical)
Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists: myopexy works. myo/muscle -- pexy/surgical fixation. nm Posted By: Txczech on 2009-03-20 Medical pexy In Reply to: please help "myopexy .
Medical Dictionary -pexy suff. Surgical fixation

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